Sunday, 2 July 2017

Due to non fulfillment of its commitments by MMOPL made to Home Guards, MMRDA may have to foot a bill of Rs 31 crores

uMumbai Metro One Private limited Company ie MMOPL deceived the Home Guard department for Rs 31 crores rent . MMOPL nor ready to pay huge amount of rent nor construct the proposed Training Centre as they promise during Metro Project Activity. The 2.4 hectare land,which is owned by Home Guard was assured by the MMOPL for constructing the Training centre. MMRDA informed RTI activist Anil Galgali that Mumbai Metro One Private limited Company ie MMOPL is not paying the 31 crores 6 lakh 12 rupees due rent which is pending still date. MMRDA which has come into a tight spot only due to being an facilitator between MMOPL and Home Guards is facing the demand of an irritated Home Guards for the last 30 months, who are demanding the rent amount along with due interested from the MMRDA.

RTI Activist Anil Galgali asked the information from MMRDA administration the recent status of the land at Home Guard's Versova locality and agreement details between MMOPL and MMRDA. MMRDA provide the information of agreement and various correspondence between MMOPL & MMRDA. Various documents revels that MMOPL cheats both MMRDA & Home Guard on the name of Project and not fulfilled the promise made by Them.

The Chief Minister called the meeting on 10th December 2007 to discuss the various problems of Versova- Andheri- Ghatkopar corridor of MRTS project.The project manager of MMOPL then requested to handover 2.4 hectare land at Versova owned by Home Guard temporary basis for the casting yard from the MMRDA and Home Guard department. The Central Government sanctioned  Rs 1.99 crore to State Government to construct training centre on same land.But  considering the work of MMOPL the land( 2.4 hectare) temporarily handover to the MMOPL. That time Project Manager agree to construct the proposed Training Centre on Home Guard land after finish there casting yard work. Under this condition  the land was temporarily handed over to MMOPL on 19 January 2009 and agreement was occurred between MMRDA and MMOPL.  Instead to complete the said work, MMOPL continues get 4 extension to complete the work. Anil Ambani's MMOPL frequently violated the terms, conditions, time limit, agreement and deceived the Home Guard department and escaped from the agreement. Though the lease Agreement will ended over on 18th April 2010. Additional Chief Secretary [home] under his chairmanship call a meeting and gave other extension of time limit upto 6 months ie till 17th October 2011 ,subject to condition to start construction of training center within two months ,otherwise to recover the interest from 16th January 2009. After that MMOPL failure to complete there work and not construct single area for Training Centre of Home Guard.

MMOPL has paid only Rs 3,97,98,000/- on 29th June 2015.  The rent payable to MMRDA by MMOPL for Home Guard land as on 31st  March 2017 including 14%  delayed interest Rs 31,06,00,012/- which is not paid by MMOPL. Now the MMRDA administration has responsibility to fulfill the promise to construct the training center and fencing wall due to cheating by the MMOPL.MMRDA constructed the fencing wall till date. Due to shirking of the responsibility and promise by the Mumbai Metro One Pvt ltd, made to the Home Guards for construction of a Training center building and a Retaining wall in lieu of the use of its land for the Metro project, the responsibility of the Construction has fallen on the MMRDA who were the guarantors of MMOPL. The MMRDA has completed the construction of the retaining wall from the account of rent accrued to Home Guards, and has approved a project costing Rs 14 crores for construction of the Training center building.But due to lack of starting the project, the irritated Senior Official of the Home Guards Sanjay Pandey has in a letter addressed to the MMRDA authority has demanded that, if it is not possible for the MMRDA to initiate the project, it may make the payment of the accrued rent due to the Home Guards, which will undertake and complete the project with due permission of the govt. 

Anil Galgali wrote to the Chief Minister Devendra Fadanvis and MMRDA Commissioner to take serious cognizance of this cheating by the MMOPL and demand to lodge the FIR  against MMOPL. Due to this serious act of omission and commission by Anil Ambani and his company ,his all companies should be black listed and banned from getting any project in the state of Maharashtra permanently, demand Galgali. If MMOPL not have enough money to paid 31 crores then they should handover a incompleted Building constructed at DN Nagar Metro Car Depot and have lovely option to finish dispute, said Galgali.

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