Saturday, 31 January 2015

Director General (Special Operations) post created in Maharashtra police to counter terrorism & naxalite menace down graded

After the 26/11 terrorist attack on Mumbai, the state govt constituted a new post headed by a Director General for conducting Special Operations to counter any such further attacks in future and also to tackle the naxalite menace on its eastern border, but it was shocking to know that within 4 months of constitution, the post was down graded to be headed by an Addl Director General rank officer. This downgrading of the post has raised the suspicion of common man on the commitment of the govt towards fighting the serious menace. This information was revealed in a reply to a RTI query filed by RTI Activist Anil Galgali by the DGP Office.

Anil Galgali had filed an RTI query with the DGP office seeking information about the DG (Special Operations) post. In a reply to the query, Dy Asst Inspector General (Addl Charge) Pragya Patil informed that, 26/11 terrorist attack and the ever increasing activity of naxalites on its borders warranted an  need for strengthening the police system, also it was felt that a coordination needed to be established with the Central forces and activities of other border states to counter the ever increasing activities of the naxalite's, a special post of DG ( Special Operations) was created.

# Governmental neglect

Sr Dy Asst Inspector General P K Ghuge informed Galgali that, Shri Jayant Umranikar was appointed as DG (Special Operations)  since creation to 31st December 2009, after which the post was vacant for 57 days. After this the post was down graded to Addl DG, after down grading till now 5 officers of the rank have occupied the post in various terms namely - Sanjeev Dayal ( 26 Feb 2010 to 31 May 2010), S P Gupta ( 27 May 2011 to 25 June 2012) P K Jain ( 26 June 2012 to 28 Feb 2014), Bipin Bihari ( 3rd Nov 2014 onwards till date). Important to note here is that, between Sanjeev Dayal & S P Gupta too the post was vacant for almost 1 year.

# Staff Officer posts never filled

On the query of staff allocation for DG (Special Operations), it was informed to Galgali that, an SP rank officer was approved to be appointed as staff officer in the office of DG (SO), this position was supposed to be filled by the Govt, which has never bothered to appoint till date. As of now a Sr Clerk, a Jr Office Superintendent and 2 Jr Clerk's are functioning as staff in the office.

RTI Activist Anil Galgali has expressed his view that the govt shows promptness in the event of any crisis creation, but eventually loses interest and value of its own decisions, the govt should have given due justice to the post of DG (SO) created with a specific intention and activity, but its own lack of interest will ensure that the result which was expected of the decision will eventually suffer. Galgali has in a letter to CM Devendra Fadnavis has demanded that the post of DG (Special Operations) be restored and capable officer of the rank may be appointed alongwith the staff allocated to the office at the earliest.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

New BJP Govt in Maharashtra spends Rs 98.33 Lakhs Govt funds on swearing in ceremony

At a time when Maharashtra is facing severe drought and also the claim of empty coffers of the state by BJP, the party went ahead and spent Rs 98.33 Lakhs of govt funds to organise a lavish swearing in ceremony of its first state govt at the Wankhede stadium, this information was revealed in a reply to an RTI query filed by RTI Activist Anil Galgali. Mumbai BJP has failed to respond to the query of Galgali, about the actual amount spent by the party too during the govt swearing ceremony. RTI Activist Anil Galgali had filed a RTI query with the Maharashtra Govt and Mumbai BJP, seeking information about the expenses incurred by it on the swearing in ceremony of the Devendra Fadnavis led BJP Govt at Wankhede stadium.

In reply to the query, Under Secretary Shri S G Moghe informed that the govt spent Rs 98,33,830=00, of which the departments of Executive Engineer (Establishments) City & Executive Engineer (Electric) has been approved of Rs 67,00,660/= & 30,60,670/= . The Addl Police Commissioner (South Region) was approved of Rs 72,500 for provisioning DFMD / MHMD for security screening at entry points on rent. The govt has still to pay the bills as on date.

  # Mumbai BJP UnTransparent?

Mumbai BJP unit has failed to even acknowledge the query put forth by Anil Galgali on 31st October 2014, forget replying to it. That the BJP speaks of a clean and transparent administration, but in reality practice vice versa is their own prerogative stated Galgali, the least it can be expected of them is that the put the figures spent on their website for all to see.

# Benevolance of Sharad Pawar

Why did the state govt plan the swearing in ceremony in Wankhede  stadium is still an issue of intrigue, also that is the response of the Sharad Pawar led MCA, which immediately convened a meeting and offered to host the swearing in ceremony free of cost, it also recommended the state govt to seek the services of it appointed catering service provider. The State govt has not paid rent for the venue nor any deposit.

    # Why Wankhede Stadium?

Anil Galgali also sought to know why only Wankhede stadium was selected for the purpose and also sought to know the rules pertaining to swearing in ceremonies. In response the govt provided a copy of letter from the Governor, directing the govt to hold the ceremony at Wankhede Stadium, and stated that there are no specific rules and regulations for the swearing in ceremonies. The Governor had directed the Chief Secretary, Swadheen Kshatriya to hold the swearing in at the Wankhede Stadium, vide his letter dt28th October 2014.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

First resign,then fresh appointment possible for Information Commissioner-Advocate General

The Advocate General of Maharashtra has specified that the post of Information Commissioner can not be filed by the CM or the Chief Information Commissioner.This post has to be filed by the Governor's order which undertaken on the recommendetion of the high power committee consisting of the CM, Dy CM and the Leader of Opposition. But it has now come to light that the current Chief Information Commissioner Shri Ratnkar Gaikwad has been undertaking the acitivity of transfering the Information Commissioner from one region to another which he is not to empowerd to.The Governor office has been intimated about such illegal transfer by RTI Activist Anil Galgali in the past but strangely not taking any action on the complaints, which is surprising express Galgali.

RTI Activist Anil Galgali has in the past 10 months been highlighting various irregularities anf illegal transfers wide his 3 different letter to Governor office but sadly the Governor instead of acting on those letter has simply forwarded the complaints to GAD and put up his hands in the matter. Ahead GAD which was occupied by Meena type bureaucrtes has been virtully sleeping on it.Its need to be highlighted here that Shri Vilas Patil who was appointed by Governor on the recommendetion of High Power Committee as Information Commissioner,Nagpur for period of 5 years was again recommended by High Power Committee to be transfer to Nashik on 22 June 2007 to the Governor.Then Governor S M Krishna sought the opinion of the law and Judiciary Department which on 16 November 2007 opinion that Vilas Patil's prior appointment of Information Commissioner, Nagpur and later recommended to transfer in Nashik has to be the fresh appointment. Since the opinion was not clear the Governor sought the opinion of then Advocate General of Maharashtra, Ramesh Kadam who subsequently on 14 February 2008 opinion that Vilas Patil who has appointed as information commissioner for Nagpur will have to first resign from his post and then the recommendation of High Power Committee be treated as a recommendetion of fresh appointment as Information Commissioner,Nashik.

Though having this 2 persedence and example on record, the Chief Information Commissioner Gaikwad misusing and going beyond his power, first gave additional charge of Pune Information Commissioner to Ravindra Jadhav who was appointed as Information Commissioner, Amaravati ( Ex Private Secretary to President Of India Pratibha Patil) and latter transfer Pune Information Commissioner M H Shah from Pune to Amaravati Information Commissioner. There by regularizing Jadhav appointment as Information Commissioner, Pune. In the meanwhile M H Shah was eased out from his post on health reason and showing the post of Amaravati Information Commissioner as vacant, Gaikwad requested Governor. In fact in April 2014, Mr Shah Information Commissioner Pune would could not discharge his duties due to his sickness should have relived from his post and fress appointment for Information Commissioner Pune should have been sought but instead to favor to Jadhav,  Gaikwad played this puzzle to twist the law.

RTI Activists Anil Galgali has alleged that Ratnkar Gaikwad
in connivance with some officer in GAD snd the Governor officer has been twisting the laws and misusing his position to favor some important people. In the process this act is causing insult to the Governor who's powers he has usurpd by conduting this illegal transfer.The Governor should take cognizance
and take immediate action on Ratnkar Gaikwad.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Cases filed against 15 officers of FDA in past 9 years

FDA currently it seems is on the way of becoming a hotbed for corrupt practices going by the information received through an RTI query filed by RTI Activist Anil Galgali. In the past 9 years almost 15 officers were found involved in corrupt practices. In the dept the Food Inspectors rank foremost in such activities.

RTI Activist Anil Galgali had filed an RTI query with the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) of the Govt of Maharashtra. seeking information about the list of officials on whom cases are registered for various reasons or offences by the Dept, the Police and the Anti Corruption Bureau, which was denied by the FDA citing that the information sought is of personal nature. Galgali further filed an appeal against the denial of information with the Jt Commissioner (Law) Shri S R Salunkhe, who ordered that the information be provided with immediately. The information provided by the Chief Administrative Officer Shri B D Kapse, stated that since 19th October 2006 to 15th December 2014, within this 9 years period, cases of corruption were filed against 15 officials of the dept, out of which 10 cases pertained to Food Inspectors, 2 pertained to Drug Inspectors and 1 each against Asst Commissioner, Clerk/ Typist, & Peon.

Galgali observed that FDA needs to function with 100 % transparency and the dept needs to be trained for a clean administration and collective responsibility towards discharging its service and duty and the common man is completely relying on the working of this dept.

# List of Officers

S J Agarwal, M B Gaikwad, B R Rathod, S V Mulye, R S Bodke, R N Badhe, Smt S S Khatavkar, M V Deshpande, Smt R R Sawant, N K Bhendekar, U R Kawale, A N Athavale, G L Kurkute. A L Khadse are arrested by ACB

3 Drug Inspectors namely B K Biyani, G L Kurkutte & P D Yasatvar were found innocent in court, and the department has filed an appeal in the higher court in the case of only P D Yasatwar.

# Kurkutte found innocent by court in one case, caught in another

G L Kurkutte is probably the only person who was exonerated by the court in a case on 4th May 1999, was once again arrested in a seperate case on 15th December 2014 on the post of Asst Commissioner.