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Govt Spent Rs 7.04 crore on Adarsh Commission

Mumbai -The Maharastra State has spent Rs 7.04 crore on the Adarsh Commission which was functional for 842 days. The establishment expenditure of the Commission was Rs 83, 605 per day, including Salary to final Report. Its reveled by RTI Activists Anil Galgali who files a RTI query to State Govt.

RTI Activists Anil Galgali who is also one of petitioner in Adarsh Commission and trying to scrutinize the MMRDA Role in Adarsh Scam though MMRDA was a Special Planning Authority. Anil Galgali ask General Administrative Department of Government of Maharastra that What is a total Expenditure including Salary,Vehicle, Telephone,Zerox and fees pay to Sr Counsel. General Administrative Department  Under Secretary R G Panchal said that Adarsh Commission was formed in 8 Jan 2011. Final report submission date is decided by Govt is till 30 April 2013. Commission submits its final report to Maharastra Govt on 18 April 2013, 12 days before as target.The commission, headed by retired High court judge justice J A Patil with retired Chief secretary P Subaryamanyam including 14 other staff. Only 1 personal Assitant Smt K K Nair is provided by MMRDA. Jan 2011 to April 2013,  for 842 days Salary pay to all staff is Rs 1,88,33,321. Rs 7,99,604 was spent on Telephone & Electricity expenditure. Other expenditure Charges was Rs 8,84,525. Adarsh Commission Report was 691 -page & only one copy printed from computer which was submitted to govt so there is no single copy was balance at Adarsh commission office and that report single copy was  not printed by Adarsh commission.

#  Counsel & lawyer's expenditure was Rs 3.97 crore
842 days after Adarsh commission submitted Final Report, state govt spend total Rs 3,96,80,581 on  Sr Counsel and  lawyers fees. The counsel was paid Rs. 1,15,000, lawyer  40,000  & Rs 25,000 for each appearance, while his assistant received Rs. 5,000 an appearance. While for non effecting hearing Mr Sakhare charges Rs 55,000.
Adarsh Commission's Senior Counsel Dipan Merchant is paid Rs 1,48,40,000 and Junior Counsel Bharat Jhaveri gets Rs 17,90,000. Sr Counsel Anil Saakhare get Rs 1,39,92,539 by various department like UD, Revenue & Forest. Ad U B Nigot get Rs 51,37,849. Ad R M Vasudev get Rs 39,07,193 and Ad Vinay Masurkar get only Rs 13, 000. Interesting that Mr Saakhare charges are so high and touches sky. Rs 1,15,000 is effective hearing, Rs 55,000 Non Effecting hearing and Only Rs 4,000 Conference Charges. Ad U B Nigot and Ad R M Vasudev charges Rs 25,000 for appearance and Rs 4,000 is Conference Charges.  There is around Rs 1 crore bill is till pending with UD department. 

# MMRDA Spend Rs 1.02 Crore
The Main accuse who issue three commencement certificate (CC) and Occupation certifiacte (OC) to Adarsh housing society in south mumbai where 31 -storey Building Stands, spends Rs 1,01,97,275. MMRDA spends croes of Rupees on Adarsh commission from Jan 2011 to March 2013. Construction,Renovation & Electricity at old custom house for Adarsh commission Office, MMRDA spends Rs 52,04,160. On Salary Rs 11,65,723 spend. Rs 4,02,427 was spend on stationary,Computer,lockers,Library books. MMRDA provides only 3 Vehicle to Adarsh Commission's Chairman, Member & Secretary which expenditure was Rs 34,08,977. Other small expenditure claims was Rs  15,988.

Anil Galgali pointed out that The Govt achieved what it had sought to do by appointing a panel that would dilute the controversy. The Number one accused was MMRDA, that MMRDA not only spends crores of Rupees but also appointed there one staff as a Personal Assitant was so strange. Government is one but department wise same counsel and Advocate not only appointed but paid huge payment. If  Counsel & other advocate  appointed by State Government to all department then there is chances to save money which is ultimately bears from Public Tax money.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

BMC Education Office facing 33% Staff Shortage

Bmc Education Department budget is Rs 2472 and also started newly   education project instead of providing new staff the original staff also short. The  Education office facing 33% staff shortage.  Its reveals by RTI Activists Anil Galgali who filed a query.

Athak Seva Sangh chairman & RTI Activists Anil Galgali ask to bmc education department about all sanction post  and actually how many post are vacant. Education department Administrative Officer Charulata Pendenekar in her reply clear that there are 66 post in A, B, C & D Category in which Sanction post are 708 and today 228 post are vacant.  5 post of Deputy Education officer has vacant out of 10. Superitendent  8 post are vacant out of 18. In Any government or semi government body or authority, Clerk and Head Clerk are play key roles in all type of internal and external work but unfortunately Clerk and Head Clerk most post are vacant. Only 31 Head Clerk are working out of 54. Thats mean 23 post are vacant. Same in Clerk vacancy, 46 post are vacant out of 197. Surperviser sanction post total number should 131 but  97 superviser actual work.

Bmc also give support to various segment and activities like Music, Arts, Singing, Dance, Drama &  Physical ducation  but its only on paper. Yes Director post are till vacant. Same as Vacancy in Post of Professor also.

Anil Galgali also ask that whose responsibility to fill up all vacant post. Administrative Officer clerly admit that its a responsibility of  Education Officer as well as Chief Personal Officer and Chief labour Officer. 80 % post are vacant due to negligence of Education Officer, says Galgali who wrote a letter to Municipal Commissioner, Deputy Municipal  Commissioner Sunil Dhamane and Education Officer Ravindra  Bhise and drawn attention. Due to shortage of key post Education Department is become weak and its effect on Results, says Galgali.

Bmc's Mumbai Public School Violated RTE Act-RTI

4 years ago Mcgm started Mumbai Public  School (English) for poor and low income category students.Mcgm in a few time success to increase the students number but as a tradition they again fail to provide basic infrastructure and Teaching staff. Today One Teachers handling 75 students though ratio should 32:1 as per norms of RTE. Its revealed by a query filed by Anil Galgali.

Athak Seva Sangh Chairman Anil Galgali ask to the Mcgm Education department that how many Mumbai Public School are started and the procedure of sanction of said school. Education department Mumbai Public School Project Chief and Social Development Officer Hanmant Gaikwad said that 59 school already started out of 84. 40 school run by bmc and 19 by NGO. Peru Compound and Swadeshi Mill School are till not started. Its in  under process. As per RTE  norms 42 Head Master required but till no Head Master appointed nor a single peon. Totol number of students is 16, 279 in 57 school.  Also interesting that  497 Teacher are required as per RTE and available only 216. Anil Galgali said that as per RTE norms a ratio of should be fixed. For 32 students 1 Teacher is required and ratio should 32:1  but now as per information available by Education Department ratio is 75:1 .

Anil Galgali wrote to Municipal Commissioner Sitaram Kunte and demand to take action on responsible officer who igonerd the RTE  and provide Head Master, Teachers and Peons.  September month is start but till 2 MPS are not started due to delay tatics of Bmc Education Officer, say Galgali. Anil Galgali blame that through out Mumbai area, this new MPS has attracted the low income group and demand is more to open extra classes but some bmc officer's under the pressure of serval politician's become hurdle in free English Education.
Anil Galgali

Suspended BMC Babus in Building Collapse case take ethics lessons

BMC spend near about Rs 69.58 laks to trained 318  Class I officers for ethical conduct while carrying out their duties. But this ethical training is waste bcz  bmc itself Suspended  2 BMC Babus in  Dockyard bmc  Building Collapse case who are selected for ethics lessons. One Atul Kulkarni has participated and other Dande Chandrashekhar not attended. Assistant Commissioner Chandrashekhar Choure( under enquiry) also not attend though He also selected. This revealed by RTI Activist Anil Galgali.

RTI Activist Anil Galgali ask  RTI query to Bmc about Ethics Training and total expenditure. Bmc Joint Chief Personal Officer Smt P P Walinjkar in reply to Galgali confirm that 3 Bill has paid to Friends of Morol Re-Armament (India) of amount Rs 67, 57, 500  and Rs 2, 00, 000 is sanction but payment not paid.Dmc GAD office Administrative Officer Smt N R Khandekar provide 8 batches detail and all officers list who are participated and nominated officers who did not attend. Till 318 officers has  attend the training which held at Panchgani. Courses contribution for conducting the Residential program for a group of officers and per person charges is Rs 15000. Contribution towards lodging  and boarding  Rs 1250 per person per day. Bmc  has paid to Friends of Morol Re-Armament (India) of amount Rs 67, 57, 500. Rs 2, 00, 000 is a Cost incurred for customising program which sanction but till not pay.

The idea behind the programme is to reflect upon their vision, the current reality and the gap in civic administration. But officers are only participated and not learn it properly. Bmc has suspended 11 officers in Dockyard bmc building collapse for there negligence and irresponsibility attitudes. Executive Engineer Atul Kulkarni has participated Ethics Training of batch no 5 in 10 October 2012 to 14 October 2012. In that batch total 42 officers participated.  Other suspended Executive Engineer Chandrashekhar Dande has nominated for batch no 6 in 7 to 11 January 2013 by Bmc but Mr Dande not attend.Assistant Commissioner Chandrashekhar Choure role is till not clear so only his inquiry initiated by Bmc. Choure also nominated by bmc for batch no 6 in 7 to 11 January 2013 but he not attend it.

The main goal to give an insight into duties and responsibilities as public servants, to sensitise them and increase productivity, but bmc has fail after spending laks of Rupees,said Anil Galgali. Galgali wrote behaf of his NGO Athak Seva Sangh to  Municipal Commissioner Sitaram Kunte  to conduct a inquiry on spend public money in a large scale which ultimately not give result to bmc nor public. If this ethics training is powerful and useful to improve governce then officer who get training  has not fail atleast. 

DMC GAD is  silent on Galgali query that how much bmc benefit after ethics training. They clarified that information ask by Galgali is related to  personally about officer who get training so its not available on there record.The eight batch of 318 participants, including DMC, Assistant Commissioners of Administrative Wards and Chief Engineers of different departments, Deputy Chief Engineer, Executive Engineer, Chief Fire Officer, Deputy officers of Garden, Legal, Education, Assessor & Collector, Health are trained for ethical conduct while carrying out their duties.The idea behind the programme is to reflect upon their vision, the current reality and the gap in civic administration, to tap their own inner resources for inspiration to learn from each other, to evolve a paradigm of ethical leadership and governance for themselves, to discuss case studies and research on public service issues, said Galgali

ST Chairman Jeevan Gore enjoy on public money

Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation is facing losses but MSRTC Chairman Jeevan Gore enjoying Public Money. Gore cross limit of use Vehicle and has to pay dues of Rs 47,227 and also used Guest House illegally without pay charges. Its reveled by Anil Galgali who filed RTI.

Athak Seva Sangh Chairman and RTI Activist Anil Galgali ask to Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation that how much vehicle use by  MSRTC Chairman and what is a yearly limit. State Transport Centerlize Vehicle Sanch Traffic Officer provided the information that  from 9 Aug 2012 to 31 March 2013 there is Rs 1,19,227 has spend on vehicle fuel of MSRTC Chairman Jeevan Gore. The extra amount of Rs 47, 227  which spend on Vehicle Fuel has due on Jeevan Gore and under process. There is Government Resoulation that MSRTC Chairman has limit to spend Rs 72,000 in a year ( Financial Year) on vehicle fuel. In a 8 month, MSRTC Chairman Jeevan Gore cross Rs 72, 000 limit which means for 12 month.

Anil Galgali also ask that MSRTC Headquarter Guest House which illegally used by Jeevan Gore and associated. Instead to reply Galgali query, MSRTC Secretary and Mechanical Department send Galgali RTI each other and avoid to provide  information.   Mechanical Department send a letter to Secretary Department and clearly mention that wherever MSRTC Chairman visited MSRTC Headquarter, He stay in Guest House without pay necessary Charges and though MSRTC Chairman appointment made by State Government so its better to reply about MSRTC Chairman
related facilities only  by Secretary Department.

Anil Galgali wrote to Chief Minister Prithiviraj Chavan and demand to take action on MSRTC officer who igoner Guest House misuse by MSRTC Chairman Jeevan Gore. State Government Should deduct dues from Jeevan Gore Monthly Payment. In one side  Last 9 month MSRTC not give Additional DA to officer as well as worker and other side MSRTC Chairman enjoy on Public Money, said Galgali.

Maharashtra State Ministers Extravagant Flight Plans

Maharashtra has been facing a acute water shortage due to drought on one end and the Govt has issued advisories to its staff to keep a check on the expenses, But on the other end its own Ministers have indulged in extravagant flight travel in the past years, which is to the average of Rs 2.10 crores annually. Forest Minister Dr Patangrao Kadam has outshone others and has emerged as a torch bearer in this flight plan, He has grossed only Rs 43 Lakhs as Air travel expenses in the past three years. This information was provided to RTI Activist Anil Galgali, who had sought the details from the Pay & Accounts dept, Govt of Maharashtra.
Anil Galgali, Chairman of Athak Seva Sangh & RTI Activist had raised  a query to the Pay & Accounts Dept of the Govt of India, where by he sought about the travel expenditure incurred by all the Ministers of the State Govt. The Dept provided Anil Galgali with information of approved expenses from 08/11/2009 to January 2013, The details contain travel expenses incurred by the CM and his council of Ministers. In the past 3 year the 43 Ministers have spent Rs 6,28,83,598/=, which means annually Rs 2,09,61,198/=. Amongst them Dr Patangrao Kadam has spent the highest Rs 42,40,616/-, the top ten include Anil Deshmukh ( Rs 39.54 Lakhs), Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil (Rs 36 Lakhs), Fauziya Khan (Rs 32.48 Lakhs), Narayan Rane (Rs 31.29 Lakhs), Dr Nitin Raut (Rs 28.93 Lakhs), Sunil Tatkare (Rs 26.88 Lakhs), Balasaheb Thorat ( Rs 24.95 Lakhs), Jayant Patil (Rs 21.70 Lakhs), Jaydutt Kshirsagar (Rs 20.83 Lakhs).
Ex Chief Minister Ashok Chavan spent Rs 1.46 Lakhs  during 08/11/2009 to 10/11/2010. CM Prithviraj Chavan (Rs 6.32 Lakhs), Dy CM Ajit Pawar ( Rs 10.28 Lakhs), Home Minster R R Patil (Rs 14.35 Lakhs), PWD Minister Chaggan Bhujbal (Rs 18 Lakhs), Naseem Khan ( Rs 18.76 Lakhs), Rajendra Darda ( Rs 19.29 Lakhs). It is important to note here that the Govt has its own plane and helicopters to facilitate the travel of its Ministers, these expenses are over and above the expenses that they must have incurred there. It is also important that apart from the Ministers the CM's Pvt Secretaries Sanjay Yadav & Abhijit Ghorpade have spent Rs 79,642/= & 61,138/= respectively in the past 8 months only. The other Ministers staff expenses were not provided by the dept.

It needs to be mentioned here that though there is no ceiling to the expenses to be incurred on this account, it is a Moral duty of the Ministers to observe self restraint on issues like these specially when the state is facing its worst crisis, said galgali.Anil Galgali in a letter written to the CM has appealed that the Ministers should voluntarily reduce these expenses by opting to travel by trains and ST Buses, as it can be seen that they have used flight mode to destinations which are connected to the ST and train route. 

The other Minister  like Shivajirao Moghe ( Rs 19.73 Lakhs ), Ramraje Naik-Nimbalkar (Rs 4. 66 Lakhs ), Prof Laxman Dhoble (Rs 9.43 Lakhs ), Subhash Zanak (Rs 7.66 Lakhs ), Hasan Musrif (Rs 9.75 Lakhs), Ganesh Naik (Rs 39 Thousand), DP Sawant (Rs 13.60 Lakhs ), Padmakar Valvi (Rs 15.83 Lakhs ), Ranjeet Kamble (Rs 14.79 Lakhs ), Varsha Gaikwad (Rs 12.59 Lakhs ), Ramesh Bagve (Rs 3.12 Lakhs), Sachin Ahir (Rs 1.88 Lakhs ), Abdul Sattar (Rs 6.95 Lakhs ), Prakash Solnakhe (Rs 9.57 Lakhs ), Vijay Vaddetivar (Rs 10.35 Lakhs ), Bhaskar Jadhav (Rs 7.57 Lakhs ), Rajesh Tope (Rs 9.01  Lakhs ), Suresh Shetty (Rs 13.81 Lakhs ), Harshwardhan Patil (Rs 8.62 Lakhs ), Manohar Naik (Rs 1.35cLakhs ), Dr Vijay Kumar Gavit (Rs 5.69 Lakhs ), Babanrao Pachpute (Rs 9.20 Lakhs ), Sanjay Devtale (Rs 15.41 Lakhs), Gulabrao Devkar (Rs 8.24 Lakhs ), Rajendra Gavit (Rs 2.50 Lakhs ), Rajendra Mulak(Rs 13.71 Lakhs).

After demand RTI, Bmc Year Book 2013 has distribute to the Municipal Councilors

Every year on 15 August Mayor of Mumbai innaugrate a Year Book of MCGM but as usual this book was distribute by Municipal Secretary department in month of Oct.This year after ask a RTI by  Anil Galgali, Municipal Secretary department immediate effect demand remaining books and  Distribute the Year Book 2013 in Sep Month to the Municipal Councilors. Total Rs 6.17 lakhs spend on Year Book which is already distribute Mumbai Bases Counsilate, Chief Minister and other Ministers before Municipal Councilors.

Athak Seva Sangh Chairman and RTI Activist Anil Galgali ask a Year Book query on 28 Aug 2013. MCGM Deputy Secretary informed that after get maximum printed copy from Bmc Printing Press, they distribute it to Municipal Councilors.  On 15 Aug 2013 they not get required printed copy so its not distribute to the Municipal Councilors and other diginties.  Bmc Printing Press Public Information Officer Ashok Gohil informed Galgali that 400 Marathi books for one copy Rs 802 and 250 English books for one copy Rs 1184, total printing cost is Rs 6, 16, 800.On 14 Aug 2013 only 30 copy are ready before innaguration by Hand of Mayor. After RTI query raized by Anil Galgali, On 20 September 2013 remaining copies are ready in which 380 Marathi and 160 English copy are included. Before this on occasion of Ganesh Innmuration 95 copy has given to Public Relation Officer of MCGM for distribution to Counselate, CM and Ministers of Maharashtra State.

Bmc distribute the Year Book to other then Municipal Councilors before and indirectly insulated the position of Municipal Councilors,  said Galgali who wrote to Municipal Commissioner Sitaram Kunte and ask a question that why not this Year Book not make available on itself 15 August.  Municipal Secretary department negligence ita not distribute within the a one week of innaguration.

# Municipal Secretary seat in a row of Additional Municipal Commissioner

In a Year Book 2013, Municipal Secretary name and photo published in a row of all Additional Municipal Secretary.  Anil Galgali has take objection in a letter address to the Municipal Commissioner Sitaram Kunte.  Galgali ask a question that is it Municipal Secretary post is equivalent to the post of Additional Municipal Commissioner.  This Year Book is  Blue Print of MCGM and nonsense mistake done by Municipal Secretary department. Galgali wants to change the page and cost has been deducted from the Municipal Secretary Salary and action on officer fron the Municipal Secretary Department. 

The Girders launching of SCLR on main tracks of Central Railway is held up Since 20th OCT 2013.

The SCLR was on way to completion by 31st December 2013. The Railway had promised MMRDA to give launching permission of girders from 1st Oct 2013, and then rescheduled it from 20th Oct 2013.
MMRDA directed contractor to keep all the machineries ready from 20th OCT 2013. Now everything is ready for launching of girders since 20th OCT 2013 and Railway is not confirming the launching date.

It came to know that Railway officers do not want to cancel their DIWALI holidays and do try to post pond the launching permission as long as possible. Because of it there will be hugh National loss by keeping the machineries idle also by post ponding the launching dates and thus completion of SCLR.

The 6.54-km-long SCLR comprises of a double-decker flyover with the top deck catering to traffic between Amar Mahal junction on Eastern Express Highway and Western Express Highway at Vakola junction via Kalina. The lower deck will provide connectivity between Lokmanya Tilak Terminus, Kurla Diary in Nehru Nagar from Kalina.The double-decker link road project, which is being implemented by the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC), is part of the World Bank-funded Mumbai Urban Transport Project ( MUTP). Besides providing the crucial east-west connectivity, the SCLR thus save commute time between the eastern and western suburbs. It will also help decongest the existing stretch near Sion-Circle and Kalanagar as vehicles have to take a detour via Sion-Dharavi Link Road to go from Eastern Express Highway to Western Express Highway and vice-versa. A decade after the work began in 2003, the cost of the project has increased from an estimated Rs 115 crore to Rs 435 crore. 

The project has missed several deadlines due to poor execution, relief and rehabilitation-related issues, land acquisition and approval of drawings and designs for bridge from railways.
Because of Central Railway shoody and ant Style, Griders Launching Scheme Sanction ,SCLR is again delay and delayed. Better for Mumbaikar and National Interest,Central Railway should  immediate effect give clearance to Grider launching Scheme and support development work.