Sunday, 30 June 2013

Election Commission bar Gopinath Munde from contesting any elections for six years.

Athak Seva Sangh Chairman & RTI Acitivists Anil Galgali demanded action against BJP leader Gopinath Munde for confessing that he spent Rs.8 crore for his poll campaign in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections.

"The EC should take the statement seriously and should decide whether such candidates can be allowed to contest future elections," Patil said.

"In my first assembly election in 1980, I spent Rs.29,000, but I had to spend Rs.8 crore during the last Lok Sabha (2009) election," Munde said at a function Thursday evening to release party ideologue Vinay Sahasrabuddhe's book "Beyond a Billion Ballots".

Present on the occasion were BJP leaders, including Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

Munde also challenged the EC to take action against him and sought state funding of elections to prevent pumping of black money in polls.

The amount is far higher than the permissible expenditure limits set by the EC.

RTI activist and Athak Seva Sangh chief Anil Galgali  demanded that the EC cancel Munde's Lok Sabha membership and bar him from contesting any  elections for six years.

"Munde has suo moto and on a public platform confessed to spending such a huge sum. From where did he get this amount? Was it accounted for or illegal, black money? The EC should probe and set an example for the next elections, which are another nine months away," Galgali told IANS.

He also shot off a letter to the State Election Officer of Maharashtra and other agencies in this regard.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Mithi River is still Salty even after spending Rs 975 crores

       The thought of  26 July 2005 deluge makes every Mumbaikar to have sleepless night due to the memories if flooding of Mithi River, after 26 July 2005 RS 975 Crores have been spend till date on Mithi River Cleaning & Development by MMRDA & MCGM.

The New Dead Line of Mithi River Project to be completed is December 2015. Earlier deadline is December 2010 which extended 2 times. The Central Government has not spend a Single Paise till date .  This is  revealed in  a RTI query filed by Athak Seva Sangh Chairman & RTI Activists Anil Galgali from MMRDA &  MCGM. Now Galgali moves to Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh & urges him to clear the Rs 1657.11 crores fund immediately to MMRDA.

       From last 8 years Mithi River development work is going in a very slow motion this made Anil Galgali to seek detailed information of  the project to both the implementing agencies MMRDA & MCGM. Mcgm Executive Engineer P C Jaswani  reply that from  Vihar Talav to  CST Bridge Kurla, 11.8 km length of Mithi River part come under Jurisdiction of MCGM. They completed 10 km Retaining wall work out of 20 km. 1.76 km length service road work also completed. Between  CST Bridge to Kurla Kalina bridge, work is till to be done. Other widening & deepening  Work has  been completed.  MCGM has spend Rs 28.97 crores for the first phase and Rs 531.70 crores spend on Second phase. In a first phase they demolished 3800 structures & second phase 1222 structures were demolished.  Till date 1655 structures are pending to be demolished.  In MCGM jurisdiction total work cost including bridges work is approximately  Rs 1239.60 crores. As per schedule This work ws to be be completed by December 2012 but now it will be completed by December 2015.

       MMRDA Executive Engineer who is in charge of Mithi River project, Mahadev Narkar claims that from Mahim Causeway to CST bridge Kurla 6 km jurisdiction falls under MMRDA.They spend Rs 34.40 crores for first phase & Rs 379.85 crores on Second phase out of total Rs 414.35 crores. 100% depening,  76% widening,  73% Rock Blasting,  83% Construction of Retaining Wall, 51%  Construction of Service Road, 100% Beautification work completed. Rock Blasting at Mahim Causeway,  Retaining wall work & Terimen, Parigh Khadi, Kapdiya Nagar area 700 mt length work is remain.  MMRDA demolished 2600 huts & 722 in Second Phase. 901 huts has not beem demolished bcz Maharashtra Ambedkar Nagar's 187 hutmens case are pending in Court & 575 huts are in SRA project at Parigh Khadi. This project should have been completed by December 2010 , After that it has been extended December 2012. Now new deadline of MMRDA Jurisdiction is December 2013. MMRDA Rs 1657.11 crores financial Aid demand proposal is  submitted to Central Government but till date not a single Paise fund is sanctioned or approved .

 Anil Galgali in his letter addressed to Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh demanded that Rs 1657.11 crores should be approved for a Mithi River development work and further reminded his assurance to fund the Mithi river is not yet honored the Mithi River is till Thirsty for the fund. The  work which is carried out is very shoddy on Mithi River. Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan even with his good rapport  & relations with Delhi is not able to get fund for Our Mithi River, added Galgali.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Maharashtra CM is Waiting for landslides

Anil Galgali made it to the cold statistics of people dead in landslides. All this, even as a report that could have possibly prevented it, awaits action. If only these hutments had been shifted, as was recommended after the Mumbai Slum Improvement Board carried out a survey in 17 April 2010. On 19 September 2011, Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan order to prepare action plan and report how much land will be available for develop as well as to adopt Slumfree City. Now its 21 Month pass but Urban Development department till not implement single agenda nor prepare any Action Taking Plan (ATP)as Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan order and give 1 month deadline. Its revealed by a RTI which filed by Athak Seva Sangh Chairman & RTI Activists  Anil Galgali who obtained all this fact information from Housing department.

According a RTI, The survey, across 25-assembly constituencies in the City,Western and Eastern suburbs, had revealed that over 22483 hutments in 327 hilly areas are dangerous and need to be shifted urgently. In that 49 spots dangerous in Mumbai City in which total hutments are 3986 out of which 2303 hutments were shift on urgent basis and 1683 will safeguard by retaining wall and in Mumbai Suburb total 278 spots are most dangerous total no. of hutments are 18497 in which 8698 hutments were safeguard by retaining wall and 7354 needd to shift from hillside on urgent basis. 

This report had been sent to the Government for final consideration, but it is still awaiting the state nod.
This, despite a revelation under RTI that almost 260 people have lost their lives and more than 270 are injured in landslides between 1992 and 2013.

Survey findings

According to RTI activist Anil Galgali, the BMC and the Mumbai Suburban Collectorate jointly carried out a survey of hutments and submitted findings in a report to the state Housing Ministry on  April 17, 2010.

"As per the report, there are 327 hilly areas classified as dangerous of the 25 constituencies. Of the 22483 huts in these areas, the authorities recommended shifting 9,657 huts on a priority basis," said Galgali. "The remaining could be protected by constructing retaining walls around the hills."

Galgali added that since 1995, an amount of Rs 200  crore has been spent on constructing retaining walls, but the government could not prevent natural disaster from claiming lives.

"I believe the state government, instead of spending crores of rupees constructing retaining walls, should shift slumdwellers to the 15,000 vacant MMRDA and BMC tenements across the city," said Galgali.

The official clarified that the funds for constructing the retaining walls for protection of slums (10,381) was to come from the District Planning Development Committee (DPDC) but because of non-availability of adequate funds, the process of finding ways to increase the fund flow is still being worked out.

Another problem is the challenge that involves shifting of nearly 22483 slums to rehabilitation tenements. Firstly, land needs to be procured from private parties or departments like BMC, MMRDA, MIDC to construct such rehabilitation tenements and only once they agree the construction work could commence.

Moreover, the biggest challenge for the government is to ensure that the plot housing vacated slums is not encroached upon again and various mechanisms will need to be put in place to prevent any further encroachment.

This will involve roping in the Forest Department and ensure they plant trees on these plots. It will not only ensure that there is no encroachment on the plots, but will also prevent soil erosion and, in turn, landslides.

Planning needed

"The Slum Improvement Board has submitted its report in which it has presented a dimension of the problem and possible solution," said Galgali.

A letter address to Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan, Anil Galgali demanding to protect & save 1.15 lacks poor people lives because in monsoon every coming stone over the hillside make vibration of heart of this poor people. Instead to waiting big accident,  Govt should rehab all poor people at MMRDA & BMC PAP immediate effect. It needs to be evaluated and a time management strategy planned out for its implementation, said Galgali.

Major Lives lost
Year   Deaths   Injured   
1993    17        20
1996    11        05
1997    11        20
2000    78        07
2005    73        25
2009    11        13

Friday, 7 June 2013

Maharashtra Govt Rejected the Appointment of 68 years old man as a Secretary on Information Commission

After the Exposure By Anil Galgali on illegal Appointment of 68 years Old Man M A Khobragade as a Secretary on Contract Basis from 31 Dec 2012 to 31 Dec 2013 for One Year. The Govt of Maharashtra rejected the appointment by disapproving the proposal send by GAD for sanction of illegal appointment as it was in one way contempt of court too. After controversy on appointment of khobragade as Secretary on state information commission, Mr Gaikwad sent a proposal of Khobragade’s appointment for approval to the state govt. Chief Minister Shri Prithviraj Chavan rejected a proposal which try to get approval of illegal selection cum appiontment by Mr Gaikwad. After reject now its clear that Mr Gaikwad claim of as SCIC, he had power to appoint any staff section 15(4) under RTI Act, is purely wrong and baseless Govt. of Maharashtra Joint Secretary M.C. Patil as on 31 may 2013, Medical Education & Medicine Dept. Deputy Secretary Mr. B.V. GAVADE in place of Mr. M A Khobragade from this Monday who has Joined as secretary to SCIC .

The issue raised by Anil Galgali to the Chief Minister is the high payment of RS 3.5 lac made to Mr. M A Khobragade should be recovered from the errant officers who deliberately overlooked such a important process of appointment, Galgali further said a strict action should be initiated against the Govt. Officers who neglected their responsibilities by passing undue favor to such types of illegality. The payment made of Rs. 3.5 Lacs to the Khobragade which is lossess of revenue of Govt. of Maharashtra, So, it will be deduct from the salary of responsible and concerned officers. Anil Galgali Further said a departmental inquiry should be initiated and guilty should be punished to avoid such further incidents the exposure made before is given below

After Mumbai High Court Order Govt of Maharastra made a GR of appointment on the basis of Contract System that after retirement a proposal of appointment by Contract Basis should be check properly & avoid the contempt of High Court order. But State Information Commission has not taken care of this issue and Without Govt permission , Commission Appointed 68 years old man as a Secretary on State Information Commission. Its was revealed RTI query filed by RTI Activists Anil Galgali.

Athak Seva Sangh Chairman & RTI Activists Anil Galgali wrote to Chief Minister Prithiviraj Chavan and Demanded to take action against the officer which has first dare to contempt the High Court order as well as Govt GR.

Maharashtra State Information Commission appointed 68 years Old Man M A Khobragade as a Secretary on Contract Basis from 31 Dec 2012 to 31 Dec 2013 for One Year. RTI activists Anil Galgali ask appointment detail of M A Khobragade to State Information Commission, Account & Pay Department and Govt General Administrative Dept. State Information Commission Section officer R P Jadhav informed that Chief Information Commissioner Ratankar Gaikwad issued M A Khobragade appointment order under section 15(4) of RTI Act 2005. Commission also admitted that no advertisement was publish before appointment for the post of Secretary.

General Administrative Dept Under Secretary S H Umaranikar provide a GR copy dated 14 Jan 2010 which came in a effect after a high court bench mark order in a case no 85/2008 of Dr Jagnath Dhone and others PIL. After Chief Minister sanctioned, Govt submitted a affidavit in a High Court. Affidavit states that Its is submitted that concerned appointing authorities will be advised to follow this policy strictly and necessary instructions will be given to all departments to inform the appointing authorities under their control. Its is further stated and submitted that all existing post retirement appointments of State Government Employees and their extensions will be reviewed. Those appointments which are not in accordance with the provisions of the Government Resolution dated 9 Nov 1995 or its exercise off reviewing all cases of re-appointments or extension of state Government officers and employees will be completed by 31 March 2010. But Ratankar Gaikwad totally ignored Government Resolution and high court order during appointment. Interestingly under power of Section 15 (4) of RTI act 2005, where Gaikwad Claims to appoint Khobrgade as a Secretary in that Section there is no mention about appointment by Contract basis.

Account & Pay Department reject Khobragade Bill of Rs 69,734 on 1 Feb 2013 Because there is no Government Resolution of appointment. After that on 25 Feb 2013 Finance Department Principal Secretary Sudhir Srivastav directed to Pay and Account officer to pay the Salary of Khobrgade. Srivastav who is an Senior Bureaucrat has not taken the Government Resolution and High court order seriously. The officer from Pay and Account department who Shows honesty & took objection to pay huge salary was transferred from office.

# List of Secretary

Anil Galgali states that in a state information commission office from 12 Oct 2005 to till Khobrgade appointment, there are 11 officer's have already worked there . All are appointed as a additional charge or on a deputation basis. But first time for 68 years Khobrgade appointment, state information commission overlook Government Resolution and High court order. Anil Galgali also sent complaint copy to Chief Secretary, Additional Chief Secretary Home, Principal Secretary of Finance & GAD and urges that to take action on officer who overlook High Court order as well as Govt GR. Its a classic case of Senior Bureaucrat who Bent Rule which should be control in future, added Galgali
1 ) J A Deevan - Additional Charge - from oct 2005 to May 2006

2) S R Daud - Deputation - from 1 June 2006 to 20 May 2007

3) Mofijail Husain- Deputation- from 21 May 2007 to 8 April 2008

4) V V Poredivaar- Deputation- from 8 April 2008 to 31 Oct 2008

5) N N Bhadikar - Additional Charge- 1 Nov 2008 to 11 March 2009

6) R B Bhagwat- Depuation - From 12 March 2009 to 13 April 2011

7) S D Saharstbudhe - Additional Charge- from 13 April 2011 to 10 july 2011

8) Smt U P Mahajan - Deputation - from 10 july 2011 to 30 April 2012

9) Smt R P Jadhav - Additional Charge - from 1 May 2012 to 9 oct 2012

10) R G Sayyed - Deputation - 10 Oct 2012 to 12 Dec 2012

11) Smt R P Jadhav - Additional Charge - from 13 Dec 2012 to 31 Dec 2012

12) M A Khobrgade - Contract Basis- from 1 Jan 2013 to till 29 May, 2013.

13) B.B. Gawde – Deputation – from 29 May, 2013 to till further order.