Monday, 31 December 2012

BMC not aware When Shivaji Maharaj statue is install at Shivaji Park

The pride of Mumbai, a Shivaji Park is mainly knows for The Great Maratha king Charrtapathi Shivaji Maharaj. In a RTI query, MCGM admit that they Have no such Record of  Shivaji Maharaj statue when it was install  at Shivaji Park. 

We asked  Municipal Secretary's dept that When was the Park named as Shivaji Park and when was statue of  Charathapathi Shivaji Maharaj is installed . We also ask the history of shivaji park. The Municipal Secretary dept in a reply clearly admit that they have no such information and detail on Record. They give a copy of notice of motion dated 10 th May 1927 which is proposed by Mr G B Nare,seconded by Mrs Avantikabai Gokhalay. Municipal Corporation modified with permission that in order to commemorate the tricentenary of Shivaji which Falls in coming May, the Mahim Park be named 'Shivaji Park'

Its is So shocking and calls for  inquiry that the MCGM does not have any record of installation of statue of  Charrtapathi Shivaji Maharaj.Every record of notice of motion, amendment and statue of Historical leaders should be  maintain by MCGM and its duty of officers. This shows lack of interest and negligence towards Great legendary personality

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Subodh Jain Pls approve Launching Scheme to complete Santacruz Chembur link Road

Are u aware the work of Santacruz Chembur link Road which funded by World Bank under MUTP is already delayed by 6 years. Central Railway is main hurdle to finalize this remain work bcz they have not approved Launching Scheme for CR main line . If CR approve Launching Scheme within 1 month then SCLR may complete by 31 Oct 2013.

Athak Seva Sangh wrote to Mr. Subodh Jain General Manager, CR and request to finalize all pending issues of MMRDA / MSRDC related to SCLR.We follow up the SCLR since beginning get a latest reply from MMRDA vide letter dated 15 Dec 2012 that Bcz of delay in rehabilitation of PAPs as per World Bank Norms, essential shifting of service line, additional work (LTT Arm) suggested by Central Railway & non approval is main cause of delay work.The 60 % portion of SCLR's is passing through Central Railway area so its necessary to seek the permission from CR. CR has not sanctioned the GAD, designs further the launching scheme is still pending with Railway.  Beside to approve the earlier drawings CR pressure to MMRDA/state govt to construct the approach road to tilak nagar terminal. which MMRDA has also approved looking to the importance & early completion of the project. Further, MMRDA rehabilitated about 4000 family till date, which is one of the major rehabilitation in any single project.We urges to Mr Subodh Jain that SCLR is mainly beneficial to Mumbaikar as well as Navi Mumbaikar and this project may save fuel costing about Rs 320 Crs. Per year. Considering the cost implication on the construction of SCLR and National benefit in terms of saving in the fuel cost & reducing the pollution, Central Railway needs to be immediately approved all the pending issues of MMRDA.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Maharastra Govt Tardy Attitude- When Mumbaikar gets Rajeev Gandhi Vima Card

Govt of Maharashtra introduced Rajeev Gandhi Jeevandaayi Aarogya Vima Yojana in 2012 with fanfare spending croes of rupees. But due to carelessness of state govt functionary, this scheme is dying before getting into the hands of needy people.

Firstly Health Dept sought the help of Rationing Dept to get Income details of the beneficiaries and prepared the card. In March 2012 state govt dispatched lacks of cards to all Ration offices across the city. 1st April 2012 all cards were handed over to  Aaganwadi women social worker to distribute door to door with a wage of 3 rupees for per card. The distribution of work properly done till 30 June this year, but after that it was again handed over to respective Rationing offices for unexplainable reasons. Its deplorable that 70 % cards are still lying futile at rationing offices and unfortunately govt is not taking cognizance of it. Even needy and common people are going to collect by hand at offices but they find the doors locked.

Its Govt Tardy attitude and the health Dept's poor planning and mismanagement are the main reasons why this system is stuck. Its questions, "Why do not these cards are distributed by health centres bcz all areas there is health centre and common man is ready to go and collect their cards.It is notable that alone in 32 E Kurla are 45000 cards lying undistributed.It willl save govt money also and proper use of cards in critical condition to poor man.