Sunday, 24 June 2012

Mr Sitaram Kunte Pls Repair Water Hydrant

Its shocking news that 90 % Water Hydrent in Mumbai Area are out of service.Any Emergency situation like fire,Fire brigade Dept take water fm nearby water Hydrant & try to control on fire bt unfortunately blessing of Bmc Water construction dept 90 % Water Hydrant r nt working throughout Mumbai jurisdiction.

Bmc Hydraulic dept have Deputy HE who's work to maintain & repair this water hydrant timely bt HE water construction dept never see that wt bad condition of hydrant nor check it in a year.Fire Dept also nt serious on this issue though its also their duty to check the condition of Water Hydrant Monthly basis & report to HE Dept.Bmc Water Dept negligence only 1048 hydrant Are working out of 10220 Hydrant.9172 are  not working. In emergency this Hydrant are Helpful to Fire Brigade for Fire operation. HE dept whose role is crucial. The city & suburb have Executive Engineert but they are busy with Road Contracter who are Damage the water hydrant during road work. Its duty of Road contracter to repair it properly & after that HE dept issue NOC to release their Payment. We demand to Municipal commissioner Sitaram Kunte to inquire whole water hydrant scam & punish guilty bmc officer & also Blacklist the contracter.

Maharastra Govt itself Responsible for fire & Destroyed Mantralaya

            We Demand to filing of case on the PWD & GAD Dept’s for negligence of Fire Audit safety norms which resulted in fire and destroyed Mantralaya. They igonered the Maharashtra Fire Prevention & Life safety measure Act, 2006 &  Also Fire Safety Audit Report.The incident of major fire at Mantralaya on 21/06/2012. This fire resulted in casualty of 5 persons and 16 persons injured.

               The Fire safety Audit was done in the year 2008 and a report was submitted on 29/09/2008 to the Govt. The Audit reported 32 risk, which included civil & electrical defects like, parking of cars in mandatory open spaces around Mantralaya, files and old records strewn on all the floors, storage of scrap materials on all floors and cylinder used for cooking on mezzanine, 5th & 6th Floors. It also highlighted defects in electrical wiring and alterations. Additions made near staircases and lobby was also pointed out. It is important to note that the report specifically had mentioned that if ever any incident of fire happens in 4th, 5th, 6th floors including CM’s office there were no precautionary measures in place. The Mumbai Fire Brigade once again reminded the govt in 2010 after the Goel shopping centre fire episode.

  It is important to note that it was the responsibility of the PWD Dept to follow and implement the report; likewise it was also important for GAD to monitor the implementation of the report, which certainly has not happened, which has been proved with the incident. Likewise the 7th floor was also irregular.We  request  Mumbai Police Commissioner Arup Patnayak & Marin Drive Police Station to investigate the case keeping in mind all sabotage angle’s, because with the implementation of RTI Act, there were many queries pending with govt on various issues. Now with the fire destroying everything, it will become convenient for the govt to simple respond that the records were destroyed in fire. Hence it may be with the purpose that the Audit report advice was not implemented.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Review the appointment of ‘Adarsh’ tainted Ratnakar Gaikwad named to be the State Chief Information Commissioner.

The Govt of Maharashtra on Wednesday recommended its former retd Chief Secretary Ratnakar Gaikwad’s name for appointment as the next State Chief Information Commissioner’s post.
 Shri Gaikwad is under scanner of the CBI for his role as MMRDA Metropolitan Commissioner, wherein he issued CC & Then OC to the now famous Adarsh Society.Also as Chief Secretary he authored the modification in RTI Act, which is being protested all over, by this modification the essence of the RTI Act is being killed. Now with his appointment as CIC the RTI Act will face certain death.                                                                                     

This post was vacant since 24/07/2011 after the term of Shri Vilas Patil ended, since then it has appeared that the post was kept vacant for Shri Gaikwad which is indeed shocking. Due to this post being kept vacant almost 30,000 2nd appeals are pending before the CIC, for which the govt is responsible.We request to The GOVERENOR to cancel the appointment Shri Ratnakar Gaikwad and appoint some other capable person who can instill the promise of transparency which the Act entail’s.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Mumbaikars should not expect flood situation to improve this monsoon

   Mumbaikars should not expect flood situation to improve this monsoon as the rock blasting work is yet not completed at the mouth of Mithi River, courtesy; not the MMRDA, but the contractor along with Vice chairman of Maharashtra legislature council Vasant Davkhare appointed by the development body is creating hurdles.
A Right to Information filed by our NGO Athak Seva Sangh, has revealed that the MMRDA had issued the contract to the consortium of BPL-BCC for carrying out rock blasting work in the Mithi River.
The work order was to carry out the entire work within a span of 15 months for excavating 2,75,000 cubic meters of rock at an estimated cost of Rs 37 crore.
   The contractor was given extension twice once upto June 30, 2009 and second till January 31, 2011 to complete the works, but the same was not carried out and eventually contract was cancelled.
The contractor BPL-BCC approached the high court (court order dated April 4, 2012) to create hurdles of re-tendering of works. Apart from that the MMRDA officials were also pressurized by the contractor through Davkhare to clear the contract amount of Rs 37 crore.
In a letter to the MMRDA, Davkhare claims that 86 per cent of the works has been completed by the contractor, when the fact is less than 20 per cent have been done in a period of two years.
This has result in MMRDA being forced to shell out additional Rs 6 crore, as it had to float fresh bids for the same job at a cost of Rs 43 crore. Still Davkhare ordered the MMRDA to stay the fresh bidding process & appoint arbitrator
    "It is this political interference that is creating problem to the Mumbaikars, even additional Rs 6 crore is being spent, which is tax payers money. Politicians should take a stand towards public and not stand for contractors. I have also highlighted this issue, by approaching the chief minister to conduct an independent inquiry against Davkhare and blacklist the contractor in the state,”